Meet the Staff

TYLER CLANCY, Editor-in-Chief, is a senior in the Family Life major. He has been involved in the community from a young age, working on a number of campaigns on the local, state, and federal level. Besides being the former President of the BYU GOP, he is the captain of the lacrosse team, works at a non-profit, and is one of the founding board members at the Utah Center for Civic Improvement. After graduation, he plans to pursue a career in Law Enforcement. 

KAITY MARQUIS, Publisher, is a junior from Lindon, Utah. She is majoring in Political Science and Philosophy with minors in Art History and Logic, and she has aspirations of attending law school and eventually becoming a judge. In her free time, Kaity enjoys drinking Diet Coke, golfing, reading endless Wikipedia articles, and listening to jazz and Kanye West. Her party tricks include playing expert on Guitar Hero and solving a Rubix’s cube. 

REAGAN CURTIS claims Austin, Texas but mainly Highland, Utah as home. As a junior majoring in Political Science and minoring in Design and International Diplomacy, she splits her time between teaching English as a Second Language, interning for the Teach for America, and writing for the BYU David M. Kennedy Center. She is a compulsive concert-goer, semi-obsessive skier, and definitely going to guilt-trip you for not voting.

TOMMY NANTO is a junior from Littleton, Massachusetts. He studies Political Science with minors in Psychology and Business. He works as a statistical methods teaching assistant and research assistant in the Political Science Department. His academic interests include research methods, political psychology, public opinion, and organizational behavior. In his free time, he enjoys listening to music with friends, spending time with dogs, and cooking Japanese food.

LILLIE HAGGARD is a senior who grew up in Oregon, Chicago, and North Dakota. They say there is a pretty girl behind every tree in North Dakota and there are not many trees. She is studying Political Science with a minor in international diplomacy and strategy, and now business thanks to Covid-19 time. Lillie has interned at the State Department and World Trade Center Utah. She was born on Easter, was a whale watching tour guide in Alaska for two summers, and loves her dog Sasha the Samoyed. 

GWYNIE BAHR is shocked yet excited that she is making her way as a transfer student to BYU. Starting as a junior this year, she prides herself in being a “cradle Ute” as her and her parents former education comes from the University of Utah. She is a pre-communications major with the hopes of stepping her way up into the BYU Adlab in the coming years. She is passionate about all things art, music, design, travel, and being informed! She hopes to be a creator for the rest of her life-always inspiring and informing people through visual media. One thing to KNOW about Gwynie is that although she may not know everything about politics, she does know everything about One Direction and is seriously considering starting a podcast about them. In all seriousness, she loves learning (especially about politics) and is excited to further her political education and passion as this year’s designer!

Jared Godfrey is a senior at BYU from Quakertown, Pennsylvania. He will be graduating shortly with a bachelor’s in Political Science under the “Law Track”and with a minor in music. Jared loves to play music and write. Outside of writing for the Political Review, Jared writes fantasy-horror novels and short stories. Some of which are in submission for publication. He has also sung for the University Chorale, sung and played guitar in the BYU Mariachi band, takes private lessons in classical voice, currently plays guitar in the BYU Folk Ensemble, and sings and composes music for his own Symphonic Metal band. Upon graduating, Jared wants to “rock every town” and work as a paralegal. 

HAELEY CHRISTENSEN is a sophomore from Gilbert, Arizona – although she has lived in a tent in the middle of nowhere the past few summers. She is studying English and minoring in political science with hopes of writing professionally. She’s passionate about many issues, from public education to prison reform. Other than reading and writing, she also enjoys staying connected to her Korean roots (whether through food or the occasional K-drama) and getting involved with the arts. A true musical theatre junkie, you will rarely find her without her favorite cast recordings playing on repeat. 

BRITTAIN HALE is a sophomore and lifelong resident of San Diego, California. A dark horse figure in many aspects of life, he is the only Life Science Major (Microbiology) on the BYU Political Review Staff. A rugby player for BYU, future aspirations upon graduation for Mr. Hale includes playing professional rugby while simultaneously being enrolled in a graduate program in order to pursue a career in the National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center within the Department of Homeland Security. Transitioning from professional to more personal matters, Brittain prides himself on his Apple Music playlists, his manicure skills he learned while employed in an assisted living home, and the ability to drop into the splits with no warm up. 

ZEKE PETERS is a junior from SpamTown, USA (yes the canned meat) otherwise known as Austin, Minnesota. His passions include distance cycling, playing any instrument you give him, and going to public meetings (the drama). Studying Political Science and Urban Planning equals a mean mix of facts and legal jargon that would put anyone right to sleep. He has worked in many fields including retail, coffee shops, freelancing music work, and even a morgue! He hopes to pursue work in the development sector of both national and international infrastructure work. Also, if you ever find yourself in the midwest farm fields of corn and soybeans, he wants you to know there is always a tater-tot hotdish waiting!

BRAEDEN DAVIS is a senior from Everett, Washington. He is studying Political Science and European Studies.  He loves BYU and everything it stands for, especially the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and he is sad to be leaving it in a year.  Braeden is passionate about teaching, research, The Beatles, and cooking with his wife.   He is an amateur writer.  Braeden is in the process of applying to PhD programs where he hopes to study Comparative Politics in Europe.  He is excited to be writing for the Political Review where he can advocate civilly for causes he believes in.

HANSEN HOLLAND is a junior from Littleton, Massachusetts. He is studying Political Science. He works as a court liaison for the Provo Justice Court. Hansen’s academic interests include criminal justice, judicial politics, drug policy, and screenwriting. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife Jadzia, writing, exercising, and hanging out with his pet fish. 

Gillian Marcucci is a sophomore from Tampa, Florida and is majoring in Political Science. She is passionate about government, politics, and education reform in particular, but she promises that in her next life she will be a world-class surgeon. Gillian enjoys tap dancing, swimming, going to the beach, and all things chocolate. She feels very blessed to have 4 older siblings in Provo with her and enjoys spending time with them. If you’re ever looking for Gillian you can find her skateboarding at the nearest skatepark, dancing at a local concert, or serving cookies and ice cream at the local Penguin Brothers.

Alison Wood is a senior from American Fork, Utah. She is majoring in English with a creative writing minor, and finds herself both interested in and overwhelmed by politics. Most of Ali’s life is dominated by reading, researching, and writing, as she finishes up her degree and prepares to apply to graduate school. Ali has worked as both a writing tutor and an editor, and is currently busy being a producer for one of BYUradio’s interview shows. When she doesn’t have a book or laptop in front of her face, she can be found folk dancing or playing musical instruments.