Get Involved

Are you interested in getting involved with the BYU Political Review? There are several ways to get involved—check out below.

Article Feedback

Do you want to respond to an article that was written? You can leave a comment on the website, share your thoughts on social media (tweet @byupoliticalreview or use #BYUPoliticalReview), or send us an email at

Submit an Article

Do you have an idea for an article you would like to submit? The BYU Political Review accepts submissions written by students and faculty members. Interested persons should email to propose an article or submit a draft to the editor.

Please keep in mind that most articles published are about 500 words or less. Because the articles undergo a faculty review process, it can take several weeks before articles are published. Thus, articles dealing with very timely matters will likely not be accepted; the best articles typically use an important recent event to comment on a broader political debate. Finally, as an official BYU publication, the BYU Political Review does not comment on campus policies or politics, or the policies of its sponsoring institution, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. When commenting on sensitive topics, please remember to frame your ideas and arguments as a personal political view rather than interpreting or analyzing those of the University or the Church.

Join the Political Review

Are you interested in joining the staff of the BYU Political Review? Our staff includes students from various majors, backgrounds, skillsets, and opinions.

Staff members are typically selected at the end of the semester before the semester that the students want to join (April for Fall; December for Winter). Interested students should contact the BYU Political Review by email during April or December to express their interest.

Positions on the BYU Political Review are not limited to writing and editing; they also include graphic design, layout, illustration, marketing, and web management. However, many of the students filling these positions also write.