Ridin’ With Biden: A Bright Outlook for a New Administration

As Joe Biden approaches the first month of his time in office, our nation looks forward to the fulfillment of the promises made on the campaign trail that earned him a record number of votes, almost 82 million to be exact[1]. Having garnered so much support, one hopes that he will be able to deliver for his constituents. 

President Biden will be in his prime during the first year of his term. Fresh off of the record-breaking and heated win against the incumbent Donald J. Trump, Biden and his staff are in good spirits. Factor in a Democratic majority in both chambers of Congress and Biden stands poised to pass legislation unobstructed. 

 The events surrounding racial inequality magnified by the events of this summer burn hot in the minds of all Americans. The contents of future history books will reflect the pain, riots, protests, and violence experienced by the nation in 2020. According to BBC, Biden plans to support minority businesses with a $30 billion investment fund, create a $20 billion grant program to incentivize the justice system to address inequalities, and a $300 million dollar community policing program [2]. According to Joe Biden’s website, the community policing program will work to hire more minority officers and employ new strategies for departments such as regularly walking the streets to interact with citizens and creating a positive image for the policing profession as a whole [3]. 

Along with the heat of racial subjects, wildfires ravaged the planet as a whole in the previous year. Many believe this is the result of global warming caused by the heavy pollution of large countries such as the USA. Celebrities and others such as Greta Thunberg have campaigned vehemently for the USA to become more green-minded. Democrats such as Joe Biden along with many American voters also agree that America needs to be more environmentally conscious. President Biden, already rejoined the Paris Climate Accord, from which Trump withdrew the country, and plans to institute a $1.7 trillion dollar federal investment in green technology research to hopefully manufacture jobs in “green energy” [2]. By rejoining the Paris Climate Accord on his first day of being inaugurated, not only has he delivered almost immediately on a campaign promise, he has established a tone of urgency that will follow him through his first 100 days and hopefully, his entire presidency.

These issues, among others, have strong support across the spectrum of the Democratic Party. It’s clear to see Joe Biden will have a very successful presidency due to the support he has and the Democratic power in the legislative branch. The campaign slogans, “Battle for the Soul of the Nation” and “Build Back Better” painted an image of reconstruction and reclamation from something that was lost and broken. As the President chooses to focus on previously ignored climate and racial justice policies, he hopes to reclaim America and repaint it as a “green” and culturally diverse country. The American people can only hope that this repainting of society equates to the success and prosperity of the nation. 

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[3] https://joebiden.com/justice/

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